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  1. I'm curious why you want to be in a relationship with a person who is disrespectful, and who has actually made you afraid of speaking for fear of how they'll react.

  2. Also, this might be helpful…

    Edit: when I was 16, my 17 year old boyfriend didn’t have his driver’s license. He wasn’t incapable of getting it, he just… didn’t need it. He didn’t see the need to do it since I, his parents, or his friends drove him. He asked me to prom and I said yes. He was going to get his license before prom, but about a week before… he still didn’t have it. I asked who was going to take us to prom since I wouldn’t be able to drive in my giant, cupcakey-ball gown. He said his parents would. I broke up with him and didn’t end up going. I just… I couldn’t see himself and myself on the same trajectory. I’m fairly sure he still lives in his parents’ basement.

  3. Read OPs comments..

    he was 2 hours late meeting parents, excuse: video games and traffic he makes jokes at OPs expense around family he’s rude in general at family gatherings he gives OP the silent treatment during fights.. andd she describes this 30 year old man as “capable of being mature…” I guess just not around her family?

    What a fucking winner. No wonder OP wants to give up her family for this guy ??‍♀️

  4. She may just prefer longer hair, but her preferences shouldn't dictate your relationship. If she can't get over your hair then she's just being shallow.

  5. I was once married to someone who tried to make streaming a job. His mother and I ended up paying for everything. So my advice would be to set an extremely firm boundary: you will emotionally support his streaming as long as he continues searching for an IRL job. He should also probably look into getting help with his CV and interview skills if he still isn't getting a site engineer job for 2 years.

  6. So you're never going to show any empathy whatsoever because you can't get past the idea of being required to be a caretaker?

    Then don't demand it of anyone else you hypocrite. And stop starting fights like a grade school bully.

  7. I just told him the other way isn’t so bad if you do it more often and he took it as if I was belittling him.

  8. So he’s not meeting his requirements.

    It’s not a problem because that’s your answer. Words alone, don’t make a relationship.

  9. Some people do better with writing things out. It isn't my preferred form of communication at all, but maybe OP is someone who does better that way.

  10. He won’t. Like I said on the post he doesn’t even care about the relationship anymore. Not with love. He just likes having someone to belittle and control.

  11. I’m just scared to quit and find another job, that job has been stable ish for me but now everything is in shambles mentally and physically

  12. I don't know if that's it, she said she's had been stressed because she has the “responsibility” of being in a relationship

  13. You're dating an actual pedophile(29 and 19, REALLY?) who is attempting to control you, already.

    I'm going to be downvoted as hell, but pedophile is not the correct word here, OP is not a child. The girlfriend might be a shady, manipulative creep, but you should use the P-word for actual criminals who are attracted to children.

  14. That's not how it works..? I am not a sex addict like you're making an assumption again, twice. The main motive behind it is humiliation, how come I am the evil here when I am giving her off what she craves for? How does it make me a bad, unethical person wth?

  15. I’m reading all your responses. He’s absolutely stringing you along. He’s likely seeing other people as well.

    I’m so sorry OP. It sucks to find out someone you care about sucks. But it sucks even more to be the one that sucks. Keep your head up. Know your worth. You deserve SO much more.

  16. No, I’m thinking that too. Guys having a bad day already and she made it about her in a way. Let him have a sad moment and simply cuddle him or whatever you wanna do. But don’t ask him how much he loves you.. so out of the blue and unexpected, and a little selfish.

  17. As someone who's into videogames, I can't imagine dating someone who doesn't even like them. Let alone mess with my gaming, or say they hate people who care about them. Would she do that with any other hobby? If you were cooking, would she throw the pan to the floor? If you were painting, would she mix your paint together?


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