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  1. I totally agree with you when you say that some people are not meant to have an open relationship. I've met many people who decided to open their relationship, and I am not saying that one is better than the other.

    Me, for example, couldn't have the same relationship as the one you're talking about. When I have sex with someone I almost always try to look for a romance in that, so it would be impossible to have sex without falling in love someday.

    The point is, I don't see anything wrong with open relationships, even with polyamory, but it hurts if I know that someone I love might be having sex with someone else, or worse might fall in love with someone else. So I fight between the fact that I don't want to lose them but I also don't want to hurt for that… I started to convince myself that my way of thinking was wrong, but still I can't find something that makes me satisfied.

    I hope I was able to explain myself, again, I'm sorry for my bad english ^^” And thank you for giving an answer

  2. I mean I've felt that way and we have had numerous in depth conversations about her expectations with us and the chances of a future with him.

    She is adamant that even if he doesn't gamble or drink ever again, there is no chance she will ever get back together with the guy because of how terrible of a boyfriend he was from the start.

    She's caught him on 7 different occasions messaging other girls with bad intentions and these were just the instances she was able to find and stands firm that she can't be in a relationship with him for these reasons as well.

    We are currently looking to move in together.

  3. No this was not an okay thing to say. Partners should be trying to lift each other up, and make each other feel loved, sexy and secure. Now that he’s said this, do you feel loved, sexy and secure in your relationship? I’d hazard a guess that you’re feeling unloved, unsexy and insecure. He’s failed his job as a partner.

    Could he have expressed himself in a way that didn’t tear you down? Yes, he could have said ‘I find it so sexy when you dress up! I remember when you wore x outfit and I loved it! We should organise to get dressed up and go to that fancy place’

    Time to move on I think

  4. “…that my party is something they consider special…”

    But apparently they don’t consider your friendship special.

  5. If I seem like an unhinged individual to you, you must have a very easy and privilege life my friend. I envy you

  6. I understand long distance sucks, Ive also done it and tbh it didn’t last long. With the first situation you mentioned is tricky AND if it’s a new account whos to say it’s not you bF too?? He already knows you found him on here as well..

  7. ER does have a shortage because so many people are moving from XR to ER. I know because my pharmacy doesn’t have my scrip.

  8. No, we've already talked and established that it has nothing to do with how we made love. She just… doesn't like it anymore. Not with me, or with anyone else.

  9. But OP is the one who has a problem with the situation. Gf seems quite happy to carry on in a sexless relationship.

  10. So the answers you don’t then? Is that why you won’t tell me your age? Not learned to count that high yet(

  11. I don't think it's the boner she's mad at. I think it's the fact that he was so overcome with desire after getting waxed by a woman that he couldn't control himself and rushed to a bathroom to jerk-off instead of just letting it go away.

  12. I'm sorry but are you slow??? I don't mean to be rude but my God you need to use your brain. You don't have access to your joint income and you're just sitting there

  13. Yes he told me he acted differently at the beginning giving me what I wanted. But you’re right yes one would know a person better years into the relationship.

  14. You're reading too much into it. There are a million reasons that she could have asked about the insurance, and she's made it abundantly clear that she wants a complete and clean split.

    You're still mourning and regretting the breakup so that's probably why you're automatically reading too much into things or still letting yourself imagine the possibilities.

    Respect her request for distance. Keep calm and carry on.

  15. she doesn’t want to be dependent upon a medication

    But like… she IS dependent on it. That's not a reflection of her not trying nude enough or something, it's just a fact of her neuralogical health.

  16. I'd say see a therapist even if you think enough time has past or you don't need one. The feeling of cheating on her may need some work to get past. I would hold off based on that alone. But only you know when you're ready. I went through a traumatic end to a relationship and bounced back kinda quick and it worked out. But the key to it is making completely sure that youre mentally strong enough to keep the past from affecting the present.

    If you compare them to her. You need to keep working on it.

  17. Say 2 hrs for Sunday. That's ridiculous. Every. Week.

    Your gf is ridiculous. Figure out what you want and tell her. Her family is much more important than you to her. Hell they are supporting her.

  18. He also did it in a way so she’d know he was doing it: manipulative as crap. OP, he’s trying to train you using the way you feel about him doing this as a deterrent. He wanted the scene you two had there, so he probably gets a little dopamine jolt from fighting with you, too.

  19. There is no personal growth without doing that. One can encourage. Shes depressed. She needs counseling.


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